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Below are noted a number of versions of the show broadcast.  The first being instances where images have been sourced.

It's a Christmas Knockout
1970-1984 & 1988

(Christmas) Charity It's A Knockout 1988. Celebrities from Great Britain, Australia & the United States made up the teams for a games set in Disneyworld, Florida.  The images below show team GB contestants Toyah Wilcox & Bernie Clifton competing in a game in the Epcot Park.




Royal It’s A Knockout
(Knockout The Grand Charity Tournament)
Please see the special page dedicated to this.

Simply The Best.
ITV1 - 2004.
Hosted by Phil Tufnell and Kirsty Gallacher.  This show was shot in a specially constructed arena on the beach front in St Helier, Jersey. The show had two teams each week competing in games with musical interludes by pop artists.

Total Wipeout - BBC
Likened to a version of Takeshi's Castle this show is presented by Richard Hammond in the studio and Amanda Byram in amongst the action, this BBC series takes place on a purpose made set in Buenos Aires. Twenty contestants each week are whittled down to a winner who receives a Ł10,000 prize. The various challenges include Big Balls, the Sweeper and the finale Wipeout Zone.

The US version (images below) of this show (just entitled Wipeout) first aired in the summer of 2008 on ABC.  Set on a Californian ranch 24 contestants are whittled down to one to win the weekly $50,000 prize.  Japanese broadcasters were not happy with this series though and filed for copyright infringement saying it was "a blatant copycat" of their ideas.

Town Challenge - BBC Northern Ireland.
Touring the Ulster region and presented by George & Hugo, this program went back to the Top Town roots of It's A Knockout.  Two teams each week competed in "Crazy Games" and quizzes.  The show also featured local bands and facts about the region.  Click here for the theme as an mp3.

The games were supplied by  Knockout Challenge Limited

The Goodies & The Beanstalk
During the Christmas Special 1973 the guys compete in an It's A Knockout competition at the foot of Mount Everest.  The show also includes the JSF titles and music.  Hosted by Eddie Waring the Goodies compete against the Italians and Germans at the foot of Mount Everest.  Two of  the German's are eaten by piranha fish whilst crossing the pool and the Italians shoot each other after having an argument.

Ashes To Ashes.
In the final episode of the BBC drama series Ashes To Ashes, D.I. Drake (Keeley Hawes) has a dream where she
and D.C.I. Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) are giant characters in It's A Knockout (over dubbed by Stuart Hall).


Walkers Crisps World Cup Advertising Campaign 2010.

One of the Walkers Crisps World Cup 2010 commercials recreated "It's A Knockout" complete with
Stuart Hall and the Herb Alpert UK tv theme.  The advert can be viewed on the Walkers website.

It's A Celebrity Knockout - First held in 1976 when members of the Lord's Tavernier's took on a team of celebrities. The show ran until 1981

It's A Miners' Knockout A one-off special from 1978.  Presented by Keith Chegwin, with miners from England, Scotland and Wales.

It's A Cup Final Knockout, part of FA Cup Final Grandstand, 1971 - 1977.  The show featured supporters/celebrities/past footballers of the two football teams that were playing in the FA Cup Final.

Gemau Heb Ffiniau - A Welsh S4C version which ran from 1991 - 1994 with the Welsh teams battling against the European contestants dressed in pink colours. Nia Chiswell and Iestyn Garlick presented with Johnny Tudor joining in the forth series. The show was later shown on satellite TV’s The Family Channel over-dubbed by Stuart Hall.

International Versions.

Australia - It’s A Knockout
Broadcast by Channel 10 from 1985 - 87


New Zealand - “Top Town“,
Channel 2, popular in the 1980's.


“Telematch” / “Supermatch”
A German show broadcast in the 70’s & 80’s shown in over 14 countries after being dubbed into English, Hindi, Arabic, French and Spanish.


USA - “Almost Anything Goes”
(and Junior Almost Anything Goes), ABC mid seventies.


El Gran Juego de las Provincias (Argentina) - Canal Trece (Channel 13) - 2006


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