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After heats around the UK during that summer, and to much fanfare in the press, on Friday 3rd September 1999 Channel 5 resurrected the It's A Knockout format in the UK.

New Production, New Games.
After much research and discussion they opted though not to use the original equipment of the 70’s and 80’s and had new equipment made and updated the games. 

The up-dating of format also meant that (after much speculation that Stuart Hall would be engaged to present the new show), the final choice of front man was chosen as popular 80’s children’s tv presenter Keith Chegwin.   He was supported by model Nell McAndrew and Lucy Alexander with ex-boxer Frank Bruno as chief timekeeper.

However for enthusiasts of the show there was one main difference, the winners of the regional heats did not go onto an International version but just to a UK finale.

Keith & Frank.
Keith had all the energy of the most popular BBC presenter of the show Stuart Hall, and just like Stuart spent most of his time laughing at the teams mucking the games up.  And with Frank Bruno as referee not many teams complained about the scoring ! 

Although the show started with good viewing figures, its popularity did not match its heyday years and the show unfortunately only lasted two seasons.

Knockout and beyond >>>
Keith and Stuart however have not taken their "knockout" gloves off for good and regularly appear as guest hosts at various corporate and charity It's A Knockout's that take place throughout the UK each year.

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